2013年Wal-Mart SCS验厂10大致命问题点

2013年Wal-Mart SCS验厂10大致命问题点
1) The facility has an employee security policy that includes hiring procedures,employee identification method reporting a lost ID badge procedure and facility access controls.
2) The facility utilizes a process to verify employment application infirmation,including cerifying an applicant's current address,personal refences and national ID card or birth certificate.
3) Security personnel use closed circuit telecision(CCTV)or another surveillance method to perform 24/7 monitoring of the facility perimeter and entrance gates, Records of CCTV recordings are kept a minimum of 30 days.
   保安人员使用闭路电视(CCTV)或另一种监测方法,执行24 / 7监测设施的周围和大门入口,监测的录音记录保存至少30天。
4) Access to the facility's shipping area and dock is restricted to only authorized employees.
5) A gate security guard or designated employee performs an outbound truck inspection to verify documentation is complete and accurate container/trailer number is correct and the security seal number is the same as on the shipment documentation.
6) A 7-Point inspction is conducted prior to container or trailer stuffing.   The inspection is documented (convevance number  date  Who performed the inspection  issues noted).
7) A high secuntv seal meeting the requirements of ISO17712 is placed on the container or trailer immediately after loading is completed.
8) A facility supervisor or secunty guard is present during item production  assembly  and final packing to prevent product tampering.
9) The facility has a written contract with the transportation company and the contract states that a driver must any incident of attempted cargo theft load tampering or other security violation.
10) The facility has a written policy to require that a computer terminal password is changed regularly,that data backed-up and computer servers are in a secure location.




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